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A few weeks ago I detected my first gold pieces with a GB2. This really boosted my confidence in the field and has been a huge motivator.  A couple days ago I was itching to get out to the desert, so I loaded up my stuff and headed out. After hiking through Cat Claw hell, I found what looked like a good spot. I moved some boulders and then got the Gold Bug 2 dialed in and ready to go. My first target was a small nugget - Yes!  I took some time to look at the area, take a few pics and make some mental notes. An hour later, in the same general area, I got a loud signal from the bedrock. I was chipping away the rock and then noticed something that looked like chewed gum in the dirt. It ended up being my biggest piece of gold yet!  It was an incredible morning that I will never forget.

Happy New Year!


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Right on! :ya:That bigger one is nice.

Keep at it and Good Luck to you out there.
Tom H.


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