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Need a Neodymium Magnet ?

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1 hour ago, adam said:

I would not order them from that website though. 

Why Not ?   You know a better price ?    Issues with that site ?    I order something from BangGood at least once a month.   I just ordered a pile of stuff this month.   NEVER had issues other then  things taking a week longer then they project once in a while.   LiPo 18650 Batteries seem to take a while longer to receive .  They have to jump hoops shipping those.   When you order stuff from them they always brake the shipping into multiple parcels that can be a bit of a nuisance but I guess the stuff comes from different area's of China but all are under the one seller.    


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Never been burnt buying anything from them.  You do so knowing the Chines cut more then a few corners some times .   These people seem to cut a few less then others. 

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