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2017 Christmas Yum !


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  Penguins and Short Ribs pending coals to fire up.    Experimental Penguin Stuffage..   Croutons, Rice, Peanuts and Almonds , Bacon and Onion.

Roasted Diced Tators and Undetermined Veg.  Probably Broccoli Substance Stuff.  Dinner Roles and  PIE!!!!   LEMON MERINGUE PIE!  




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Can't remember the Last time I Dinned out.  2005?   06??   I know it was with my Dad and not my Idea.    Eaaaa 

Yea, that didn't turn out as expected.  I didn't have the coal going quite hot enough and it took way to long.  Those ribs went tough on me.  Like Gnawing on a Old Dog Bone.  Even the dogs had a issue with em.  LOL  

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