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GPZ Harness Redo


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A few days ago I shared some thoughts around the GPZ @ including the harness 


The real reason I don't like the harness is, that as a piece of gear, the harness does not logistically work for me :idunno: I can't wear the harness and my backpack at the same time. The harness cannot hold the items that I require to be in my backpack: water, headlamp, Leatherman, fire starter, snacks, sample bags, binoculars, whistle, extra magazine full of bullets :cowboypistol:, extra battery, etc. And I don't desire to carry both a harness and my backpack all day. This week a few friends and I camped out and hunted for a couple of days. The old bungee worked great as always :) Now if Minelab built a quality, decent sized backpack with the harness built in, that might be the ticket :idea:

Not sure why I never thought about combining the harness and and old pack before :89: (likely because I never really needed the harness to swing the GPZ), but, Bill shared the idea to cannibalize and old pack (below) and make a new setup with the harness. Thanks Bill. 


Yep at 61 now I had the same delema so butchered the camel pack and attached it to my harness.... Got my stuff and harness so my old wore out shoulder doesn't hurt so much. Love shallow areas now because my 1000 is just a couple pounds :old:

So I did just that. Was a piece of cake. Took some old shoelaces and with some clever knotting, attached and old camel pack to the harness. Now, I actually like the darned thing because it's also a backpack for my gear :rolleyes: Just goes to show even old timers like me can still learn a trick or two :old: And that's what makes these forums great, idea sharing, though I rarely have posted much in the last few years. And there it is.


I don't credit the harness with these nuggets but I'll take them none the less :head:


Anyway, this old miner learned a trick from another old miner. Merry Christmas to you all from me and the Golden Fox.




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Added pic with harness
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