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Power Lines and Detecting


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How close do you detect with a GPX by high tension power lines? 

I have a trip planned and after planning my area found out I will be within 500 meters of the tall metal poled high tension wires.  There is a lot of valley fill in this area and very little bedrock in the creeks, so it is difficult to find another area to go to.  Another thing is there's a lot of state trust land, and the BLM is scarce.

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You should not be bothered at 1500 meters. At maybe 200 you will start hear interference -just retune to the source.  Continue this way until the noise is not tuned out...however, even with the interference a target should come through-just depends on how much you can stand re: the noise.

I would consider using cancel mode and a small DD coil- the 10inch e or the stock coil..

Cancel will not work with a mono coil...but the detector sure is quiet!


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The smaller the coil the closer can get, you will hear it....warbles.

You can hunt right under them with a DD in CANCEL if you have a 5000.

Tom H.


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I have hunted directly under the high tension lines at JJ and Soldier Boy (GPAA claims in Dewey-Humbolt AZ with both my 4500 and 5000 with the stock 11" DD coil and coil type switch in Cancel. i also have a small DD elliptical that I found was easier to use and seemed more sensitive  to the shallow ground I was hunting at the time. I was able to easily hear the targets and recovered a few pieces of yellow from the area. You will be fine with a small DD coil.

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