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Gold Basin Murder Update


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Thanks for update Mitch. I own a lot about 5 Lots down from them. It was all started over an argument about a dog I believe. To bad, even way out in BFE, this happens. The Travel Trailer they lived in, was ransacked, and looted after the wife left. 


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Hey Jen,

  Yes, I believe the guy Victor if that' his name, the murderer, was an anti government/ believed the water was poisoned , ect was mental anyways. All the stuff is cleaned up now on the lot. 

  Gladiola Rd also extends west, just below the fenceline. I have a lot right next to that big metal hanger/garage out there, and its address is on Gladiola Rd. They were nice people, feel real bad for the wife. If anyone ever needs the latest gossip, prospecting areas, ect,  see One Leg Dave, he has a place smack dab in the middle of GB, and is a nice guy. Kind of like the old miner, (Jim I believe his name) in Coolgardie, who has been living on BLM land out there, since the 60's.  Mitchel knows him pretty good.


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Sherman and his wife introduced themselves to Lu and me one day.  They were on their quad going along where the monument is on the GSSN claims at the bottom.  He was very nice to us and told us that he had found some big, deep nuggets along the ridge-line we were on.  He gave details and I always remembered him for it.  (I guess he got it all with his GPX and big coils because I've hit it with everything I've got and didn't get a flake!)  He said to stop any time and have a coffee or tea but we never did.

When I saw his place pushed to the side and abandoned and then more and more vandalism I had to look up what happened.  I think my first post on the research was about a year ago but I couldn't find it on the forums.

I remember the other place also.  Both of them had taken the rocks and used them for their yard fences.  They were very neat for Gold Basin.  I like Dave's style.


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