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Happy Holly-daze..!
May your nugget pouch be ablaze
With 22-karat and finer,
Like the shake we find in Caroliner..

Few nugglets or larger do we score for us;
Not exactly what we'd normally consider a plus..
But when you take a moment to give it a think,
Neither is there destruction of fingers in WHINK..

Is the grass really greener or does it just taste that way..?
When the fence is thisss wide it's purt' durn tough to say..
Yet one thing's for sure at the end of the day:
When it's weighed on the scale it's gold come what may..

da Swampster

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Merry Christmas to you folks out yonder.    One of my  favorite Christmas things happened today.   I received a gOOdy Gram !    Oh, I like gOOdy Grams ! 


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Oooooo -- me like-um gOOdy Grams too..!

And yours is a "real" one, NOT one half loaded with crackers.. Whazzup with those..?
Unless I'm at Muir Station in Antarctica you DON'T need to include crackers..!
Fancy crackers I will get.. Exotic cheeses..? Not so much.. Keep those coming.. :4chsmu1:


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It would seem that I'm a Victim of Goody Gram Pilferage !      Note the Lack of FOOOOWY stuff being Pilfered ? Yea they left the Champagne Mustered, Grape Jelly and stuff. They missed the Marmalade and Barvaian Mustered ! HA! Suckers.


Penguins for Christmas Dinner it is !





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