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One big chunk in the backyard

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This is a real meteorite that I found and would be more like what someone would find out here in the West in the desert!


This guy came to me in after a two-day hunt to recover the other pieces that I didn't find on the first day with the help of two other expert meteorite hunters! I found two pieces the first day then one of my buddies found one piece and I found the rest of my puzzle.


I wish that we could go out and find one in our backyards but that's not going to happen! Most guys that happen to find one spend a lot of time hunting for them. I could go more than a year trying to find a cold find or more! There are five pieces to this meteorite if what you find have holes in it like what you are showing in your photo it's volcanic. We live in one of the most volcanic un-active areas there is nowadays but that wasn't always the case!  There are still a bunch of cinder cones around that you can still see in the three states around Las Vegas!


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21 hours ago, H-2 Charlie said:

A fellow cleaner from a carpet fourm just posted this crazy picture of this meterite .

He said it is really light for the size .


If it's really light for it's size, I wonder if it could be pumice. Most pumice is lighter in color but have seen some darker like the picture shown above.

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