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Found this metal detecting. It shoots to magnet.

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It is much better than your last one, but looks layered. If so, it is not a meteorite. File off a corner to look inside. It won't hurt the value. If there are metal silvery flecks  you may have something. Otherwise, I would vote, "no".


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It has the “meteorite” color but the shape isn’t quite right. The last pic was hard to tell, but my guess would be terrestial iron on sorts, with plenty of rust. 


I’ve been know to wrong 4/3 of the time though. Lol...


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If it is a piece off of a satellite, I don't suppose they would let yo keep it. But the metal should have a lot of titanium...I think anyway. Pieces of jet engine covers get broke off during flight too. Otherwise, I'd call it a piece of old junk.

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I tried searching for satellite metal, here is Yahoo answers.

"Titanium is an extremely strong, lightweight metal used to manufacture a wide variety of satellites. this would be used most likely to make the frame
A promising new class of materials are the aerogels. They have the lowest density of any solid material--they are almost entirely made of air--but until their costs come down they will be limited to specialized applications such as satellites.
In the 1960s, nickel-cadmium (NiCd) was the primary technology used for satellites, and it is still used to some extent today for LEO satellites that require lower levels of power. An aluminum-beryllium alloy is used in some communications satellites "





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