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Here is the link for the hats, http://nuggetshooter.com/store.html#!/HATS-and-T-SHIRTS/c/26703059/offset=0&sort=priceDesc  If you come to my shop or otherwise get one in person they are 18.60 each....

T-Shirts will be added sometime in January.... 


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Thanks to all of you that have bought hats and I am a bit overwhelmed at the support, also had to order more already. Eventually I will decide on a couple other colors like light OD Green or maybe even pink for the ladies  :ROFL:

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Bill, One heck of a hat.  Wife and I went to Boston to see the kids Sunday and it never came off my head...  Well, at Breakfast it did but that's it. Well dinner too.  Thanks Bill

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1 hour ago, Au Seeker said:

Didn't Terry Soloman get a hat, I do believe he's also in New York?

Yeap, he sure did, I found his post with a photo of hem and his new hat!


Yes, but Terry is down in the,,,,,,,,,NY City area:ROFL::4chsmu1:

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