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Saw 802 Geminid meteors last night

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Who else went out?

Saw 802 Geminid meteors last night from 9:45 p to 4:45 a local MST NE of Phoenix, AZ at the Four Peaks parking lot until the sky fully clouded over. Top hour was about 235 meteors. There were many very bright meteors from -1 to -4 magnitude. There was one -7 magnitude one at 4:10 a. which lit up the whole desert and made shadows. 

Earlier in the evening we observed the 3 mile wide parent asteroid of the Geminid Meteor shower, Phaethon 3200, 6 million miles from Earth in a 26" telescope at +10.7 magnitude. It was quite bright and could be seen in a 4" telescope.

This meteor shower brings my lifetime total meteor count to 20,137 meteors crossing the 20k milestone.



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That's quite the count. I saw 65 from 8:00-10:10pm from outside of Las Vegas. I also had two cameras setup and caught 7 or so. Here is the best one or the "money-shot".

Canon 60d, ISO800, f/3.5, 30sec., 18mm


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