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Weaver Mining Dist. New Claims

Uncle Ron

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Yo All...I just saw on FB that WMD has a bunch of new claims ... Anyone know anything about it?  Cheers, Unc


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MikeC I've been a member of their club for years but in the last few years. I dropped out doing other things.They had some great claims in the Rich Hill area. If you contact Dan, I think you know who I mean, I think you will get the answers you need. AzNuggetBob

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Is there a 'bottom' to this topic?  Over the years I had stopped by a couple of different offices and 'joined' for 3 day passes and now everything is an 'I don't know.'

Let's have someone get the latest and post it up for the rest of us to know for sure.

1. Is there still a membership?

2. Are there current claims someone can go to?

3. Is there a way to get temporary access as I did in the past?

4. Are the old claims now 'claimable' for another group?


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I do know some of the older claims are now claimed by others ... especially those heading up the hill toward Miller's Windmill and the old tank on top of the hill before heading down to the windmill. New claim markers and signs all over the place. You can't miss those signs ... they are well posted. As far as the club next time I spend time in Congress ... maybe between Christmas and New Years I will try to remember to check them out and post what I find.

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