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Got that surgery today, all is well. VIDEO of a procedure.


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Video is not of my particular procedure but the same procedure I had.

I had an SI Joint fusion with three titanium rods. This procedure done on my left hip today. Unlike all the youtube videos of people complaining about intense pain and the need for lots and lots of Hydrocodone, Oxy .etc.. I told the doctor I didn't want any of that crap either before during or after.

So here I am watching television. I am not trying to be macho, Hell I cry at sad movie. I cry when some unfortunate person does an act of kindness for someone, and unbeknownst to them, the recipient, is someone who is wealthy, and they take care of this impoverished person with a heart of gold, and help them get a home, and clothes and a job,

I can honestly say, that the pain I am experiencing is something akin to taking a hit in the hip when getting tackled playing foot ball. A little ice, a couple of Tylenol, a bowl of my wife's famous homemade chicken soup, and I will be good as new. I mean as good as new when I get rid of these crutches in three weeks. Seriously, my wife's chicken soup has cured leprosy, hepatitis C, and chlamydia... let me tell you I don't want to get that chlamydia again. 1f923.png🤣

Start at Minute 4, if you have the stomach for it.


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Glad your on the mend Doc. and having a sense of humor about it also :yesss:

Tom H.


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Why is this post gold related?

1.  I learned about this surgery at one of Bill's Gold Outings, once again proving what valuable information you can gain by attending gold outings.   So DON'T miss Bill's outings.

2.  I have just given everyone a head's up that I will be out of commission for around 2 months, ergo, you have time to go raid my gold patches.

I thought it was fairly obvious how this was related.   :cry2: (I'm hurt you are supposed to cut me some slack.)  (Don't forget I'm 68, I could be senile, maybe I am not responsible for my actions?)

If I had told you they implanted 3 GOLD rods in my bone to fuse the SI joint together I bet that would have got your attention.

In all seriousness because many of us are not spring chickens anymore, and many of us suffer from lower back ailments, it is really important to know this information.  23% of lower back problems are mis-diagnosed as being lumbar vertebra problems.  Oh you have a bulging disc.  Or sciatica. Or they find nothing on an MRI so they think it is all in your head.

Well MRI's do not show SI Joint dysfunction, and many doctors disregard this out of hand because they never heard of it or it was briefly touched on in their training.  There is a reason for this.   Years ago, in order to fuse your SI joint, it was very involved.  I involved cutting muscles and nerves and involved actually placing a bone graft.  It was only done on people who had suffered very traumatic injuries as the result of a car crash or the like and they were just trying to put them back together and save their lives.

Then about 15 years ago a company started clinical trials on a SI join fusion system that is minimally invasive, and takes only 40 minutes and can be done on an outpatient basis.

Then in 2016,  The FDA announced the I-Fuse system as the Only SI Joint Fusion Implant with an FDA Cleared Indication citing clinical studies that demonstrated improvement in pain, patient function, and quality of life.

I had a very excellent young chiropractor that diagnosed me with SI joint dysfunction.  I had never heard of it.  All I knew is that if I lifted, climbed a ladder, climbed stairs or went prospecting I was laid up for three days.

So how do you know if you have SI joint dysfunction?  Press on your spine working down to your tailbone.  No pain?  If you have SI joint dysfunction you probably will not have pain there, even though you thought that is where the pain was coming from.  Now go to the right and left side of your spine, around the L2 vertebrae, about 2 inches over from your spine, right where those "dimples" are in your back.  Press on those.  Are they really sore?  That is the top of your SI joint.  If those are sore you may have SI joint dysfunction.  If you feel pain radiating out on the outside of your hip, down the front of your leg, or in your groin, could be SI.  If you have trouble getting up from a sitting position, like you have no strength to get yourself up.  If you physically can not get off the ground when digging  a hole and have to use your pick to get yourself up.  If after a few hours of detecting your hips just feel so tired that you find your self sort of taking little steps and shuffling along, barely able to get yourself back to your vehicle without stopping to rest.   Probably SI joint.

Here is another test.  Lay on your back on the floor. Take your one leg and do a figure 4 with one leg.  In other words, bend one knee and pull your ankle up until it is resting above the knee of your other leg.  OK know have a friend and have them put their hand on your pelvis bone in front, on the side of the leg that is straight.  Now have them put their other hand on your knee that is bent..  Holding your pelvis bone down so you don't rotate, have them gently push your bent knee down.  Does it send a shooting pain up through the back of your hip?  SI Joint Dysfunction.

I think Bill's Tammy has it.  Pushing on those dimples on her back just about made her jump out of her skin.


FABER Test Sacroiliac Joint
No reason to endure that pain.  83% of the people that have had this surgery say they are still pain free 10 years later.


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Cool video Doc ... I have watched a few different procedures over my lifetime. Always surprised how little bleeding takes place ... well in most procedures anyway. Get well my friend ... looking to see you back in the field after your recovery. Doc ... You being a Doc yourself ... don't try to second guess the Doc just because you are a Doc! Doc knows best ... The surgery Doc that is! :old:

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