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   I'm hiking as many of the conservation areas in my county and GPS marking some of the trails as I go, only marked one today because I started late. So today I played the game today pick up every black rock I see butt who am I kidding - there are not many black rocks so I play the game all the time!!! I'm starting to learn pretty well what to expect here on the cape. Every bit of the landscape in Cape Cod is mostly woods and covered in leaves. I typically stick to the trails because they have the highest exposure to any rocks because the rest is blanketed by the forest.The area I was hunting today is moraine deposits combine with older outwash deposits. These trails lead to the highest peak in Barnstable, don't laugh guys, gals,  a staggering 232' above sea level 😂. Might as well be in the Atlantic.

    For starters in the beginning when scanning trails here you realize the stones in the center of the trail look black because the mountain bikes leave rubber deposits on the rocks. Then there is also a lot of water movement on the top of the trails because of compaction caused by traffic combined with the runoff of loose sandy soils abutting the trails leaching stained water onto the trials staining some of the susceptible stones black as night. Both of these phenomena are common on the trail and probably in most places anywhere.

   Anyways I wanted to share my adventure and some lessons I've learned over time. Most of the stained black rocks here do attract a magnet and also many of said stones contain plagioclasic laths and magnetite,,, coincidence???? Probably not. Here is the rock that didn't fool me but stood out so well among the wrongs and was fun for me to toss around. LOL sorry if I bored y'all but trails and meteorite hunting are my life outside of work!!!!










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Thanks for sharing Rocky, not boring to me and i have to hand it to a man who will spend time hunting in such difficult conditions! It's always a reward to be free outdoors so much to find. Keep up the hunt and i hope you trip over 5kg pallasite! :brows:

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3 hours ago, hardtimehermit said:

 It's always a reward to be free outdoors so much to find. Keep up the hunt and i hope you trip over 5kg pallasite! :brows:

It does happen. This was found off a forest track.





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