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Dang Got Booted Off the Forum on my Birthday!

Uncle Ron

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Gotta nother one of those things Unk?  Pretty soon you'll be catchin up to me.  Just remember the aches and pains go with it Bro.  Have a happy one Ron.  

   Old Tom

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4 hours ago, Au Seeker said:

Happy Birthday Ron, I hope is was a good one other than getting booted off the forum!

When you say you got booted off, could you explain further, we can't have that happening if we can avoid it, was it on the forum end or your end?

I finally discovered I was on the birthday notices but viewers had to click on the post to see it...I thought it odd not to get any BD wishes cause last year I got a butt load on the forum  ... This year on FaceBook I got well over 100 well wishes!  Anyhow, no harm no foul and a big thank you to you all who did respond after me whining about it!!! :yesss:

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I also keep forgetting that sometimes the "Birthday Notices" don't always show all of that day's bithdays names if there's to many to display or I would have posted your birthday topic, it seems with the lastest forum version only abour 5 or 6 can be displayed unless you click on the little link to see all of the birthdays.

I try my best to post a birthday topic for anyone who has been keeping current within the last several months on the forum on a daily basis I even checked all the ones displayed yesterday but forgot about the link at the bottom!  :tisk-tisk:

So for anyone who will be having a birthday at least once a year and you have that info in your profile and visit the forum often I'll try to do better! :arrowheadsmiley:

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