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2,837grams of NWA fun for the winter!!!

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Hi y'all,

   I thought I'd share my excitement with you. I received a shipment of 2,837 grams of meteorites over the past month to keep myself content and occupied for the winter. I will clean them all up and perhaps cut a few but I think for the most part they are weathered enough to not look very spectacular on the inside but a few have some nice shapes to them so anyways here they are.


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I hope y'all know I take meteorites very serious as you can tell by the photography but I also like to use my imagination especially with these sweet little NWA's with no official credentials. I'm not going to try to do anything scientific with them except slice and polish occasionally for a look inside. Just wanted to clarify so you don't think I'm just a crazy posting images with strange associations. That's the beauty of weathered meteorites, earth and time equals cool outcomes. I have legitimate classified meteorites as well. 

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8 hours ago, Rocky said:

28 grams, some remanent crust, I like this one because it's shaped like the country in which it was found!!!

Pssst... continent, not country. :arrowheadsmiley:

Hopefully some will be a nice surprise when you slice them open, like today's MPOD: http://www.tucsonmeteorites.com/mpodmain.asp?DD=12/13/2017

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