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Video of 3.2 gram nugget. Warning... sort of self promotion for Doc's Detecting


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Here's a short video of the conditions of where I found that nugget.  As I intended for it to go on my You Tube channel, it's a self promotion for Doc's Detecting.  So if you don't like used car salesmen, don't watch this video.  :ROFL:


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Awesome... nice to see you putting videos up again Doc....

Thanks for posting....... and ya even called it a ZED, not a ZEE, I now pronounce you, an honorary Canadian.... :thumbsupanim


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Awesome find Doc. Congrats and thanks for the video. :yesss:

Tom H.


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24 minutes ago, Relichunter2016 said:

....can't be all cleared up with still trash laying around. 

You said it...  That's what I heard too.  :thumbsupanim

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That is the number one rule.  If you are finding trash, there is probably still gold.  In fact, if not for the fact that this target was up on the bank of the gully, it was loud enough that I would have thought it was trash, I would have dug it anyway, but with the positioning of the target I had a little more confidence that it might me something good.

I actually get excited when I find trash because it tells me a couple of things.  #1.  The old tiimers were there.  #2.  It has not been cleaned out.  #3.  Other detectorists have probably given up before they got all the gold.

It this particular gully it's hard to walk 10 feet without hitting a target.


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