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Thanks Giving to you ALL !


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Thank You.

Still working on what to Feast on.   Sorta burned out on the Turkey thing.   Steak I'm thinking ! Butterflied Mushroom Stuffed 2 inch 1LB Rib-eye I'm thinking?

Now all I have to do is Pull a Rabbit out of my butt and come up with the Money !  :ROFL:

Rabbet Butt.png

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Son brought home a free 15lb free from work so that decision was preordained. Defrost and cook'm up and many leftovers as most of my company snowed in,frozen in or washed out roads...bummer-John

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1 hour ago, jjbond said:

Life of a single poor white trailer trash gal, the decisions are easy........



Or that would work too.   That could be a Meal Set for a Queen under the right circumstances, eaa?

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11 minutes ago, Relichunter2016 said:

and only 260 calories.....no artificial flavors..and your Canadian...

Yup but as I'm also Canadian (dual citizen), we have Turkey Day in October so I end up having to eat two of them in total so the low calorie count is a necessity..hahahha

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