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AWESOME job to Bill and the gang for hosting the best Nuggetshooter yet!! Great company and fantastic food. If you went away hungry you must be a vegan. Throwing out a few aerial frame grabs from the 2017 Nuggetshooter. And one of the Fantastic Five +1. Post your photos folks. I have about a hundred or so.




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Wow that's a lot of white pickup trucks. :D

Looks like a blast, wish I could have gotten out but was out of commission with toothaches and a root canal over the weekend, you all had much more fun than I.

Looking forward to lots of photos.


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26 minutes ago, Bill Southern said:

Where the heck were you at? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?


Staring at my new ATV sitting in the back of my truck, swallowing Ibuprofen like candies and wishing the pain would stop. I had a crown earlier this year that ended up needing a root canal and I was miserable last week/this weekend waiting for that appointment, (which was a couple of hours ago)... Now that you all have cleaned up all the trash at LSD, I'll come back out and swing for practice this weekend. :D

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