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Lost A Chair At The Outing?


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I don't know if it was intentionally abandoned or accidentally left behind... Just send me a private message through the forum no later than December 19, 2017, and include a description of the type and color of chair you're missing. If the description matches the one I found and you want it back, let's figure out a way to make that happen. Thanks!


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Ummm, is there something about December 20, 2017 you'd
like to share with the rest of us..?
Anything..? Anything at all..??
You have inside info, dont'cha..?!
Should I top off the gas tank, or won't it matter..??!
I hate when this happens..! :th_panic:

Swamp :4chsmu1:

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Nope, not a dang thing! Calm yourself, Swamp! LOL

I'm just holding this chair hostage, giving the rightful owner a full month to claim it before I claim it as my own.

As far as I know, the World (as we know it) isn't coming to an end on Dec 20th or anything like that. We survived Dec 21st, 2012. :D


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