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FS - Sikhote Alin Iron Meteorite Slices & End Cuts – LOWER Prices

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Sikhote Alin is classified as a “Coarsest” iron, that means it has the widest band width of the widmanstatten pattern or the largest clusters of crystals
This is the meteorite that destroyed a large part of a Russian forest in 1947
Processed Sikhote Alin is very rare and smaller pieces go for $4-$6 per gram on eBay, and now I know why.  This material is very hard to cut and tricky to etch.
I decided to process the last 2 large end cuts into smaller pieces that are less expensive
Most of these pieces are freshly cut from the saw and will require additional finishing. 
If you are interested in any piece I can polish and / or etch it prior to your final decision to purchase it.
In the case of mutiple cut faces you can request to have any combination of polish and etched surfaces.
If interested in anything please send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com

Please include the following

Forum ID
Full Name
PayPal email

Item you want
A: 145 Gram Slice – 5 cut faces - $435
B: 35 Gram End Cut – 2 cut faces – $105
C: 43 Gram Slice – 4 cut faces – $129
D: 209 Gram Slice – 2 cut faces – $627
E: 125 Gram Slice – 2 cut faces – $375
F: 70 Gram True End Cut – 1 cut face – $210
Here are images of the entire group
70 Gram End Cut
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$627 - 209 gram true full slice that was polished on both sides and etched.
It is 3.370" wide, 2.095 tall and .330” thick.
$432 - 144 gram slice – Etched on all sides with some crust on the back
It is 2.108" wide, 2.087 tall and .330” thick.
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