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Another Friday, Another 5-nuggets


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I was down in the lower desert today, and what a Beautiful day it was down there.  It "may-have reached 73 as a high" with cloudy skies, a nice light wind, and no one around,....'WOW' !!

I was digging just upstream of two different (massive) exposed bedrock outcrops that stretched from bank to bank.  The boulders, rocks and overburden where piled-up just behind (upstream) each outcrop.  The exposed bedrock outcrop had stopped all this overburden in a jumble of boulders and rocks.   Using my pick and shovel I dug down right at 2 to 2-1/2 foot to finally get to bedrock; this after physically removing the large boulders, rocks, etc. out of the way.  Some of the boulders where so large and too heavy to move, so I first dug under them (undermining them) detected the area, and then "gruntingly":tisk-tisk: helped them to slide down in the hole that I had just dug.  One location was on an inside bend that led up to the bedrock outcrop where it dropped about 5-foot down like a waterfall.  Anyway I managed to dig up these 5-nuggets (between the two spots) having a total weight of 3.04 Grams.  The largest nugget weighed in at: 2.01 Grams.  Anytime I can find a 1gram + nugget in a day, I am stoked :ROFL:  Gary



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Very nice gold :yesss:

Sounds like you worked for it :)
Friday was a perfect day....cloudy and cool.

Tom H.


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By my lights that was a very nice return in exchange for the amount of labor invested.  The line between prospecting and mining activities is blurry.  A willingness to dig, probe and sample often can make the difference between wearing a smile or skunk stripes at the end of the day.  Good job!

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