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New Mexico find. What are your thoughts?

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New Mexico had some Major Volcanic activity in it's past .  Particularly down south.  That  looks To me as one of the products.  Sorry.  I've had more then a few Wrongs here my self.


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Not my stomping grounds up there.  Any of the numerous dry lakes here in New Mexico is a good spot.  To the West of me along the I-10 corridor extending into Arizona there are about 4 that I know of.  Up in your area I'm not sure of. 

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3 hours ago, Corralesnm said:

Lol. I live in the Rio Rancho area. Any suggestions on places locally to search?  I have been farting around in the bosque but would like to improve my odds.  Seems like every black rock I see is magnetic :thumbsupanim

You might want to check out this map.

It appears the 1,000 gram Rio Rancho meteorite was found near you in 2011. Then there is the famous Glorietta pallasite up past Santa Fe. Those are private land areas but folks in New Mexico are pretty friendly ... if you ask first.

The odds of a meteorite fall are essentially the same for every spot on earth. They are much easier to see on dry lake beds or non mineral prairie which explains why they are mostly found there. Keep looking and you could find a previously undiscovered fall.

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I agree with homefire. My first word is "Nope!".

You will need to do a lot more research before you will know what you are looking for.

Good luck, Jim.



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