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Hello everyone...  Not too sure I qualify as a new member since I registered in 2011.  When I saw that I have never posted anything on Bill's site until yesterday, I thought I just better start here and say hi.  I have a 30 yr career in Au mining for large corporations.  So as you can imagine..... I really like trying to find some of the shinny stuff to call my own. :yesss:

Take care ya'all and be safe out there. Doug

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Well Gents, Thanks for the welcome. . . but I'm not to sure how much "vast experience" I have to offer-up. I started as a rod-man for the surveyor and then helped out our Enviormental dept with monitoring a few compliance stations in the field. After the mill was built I spent 6 years as a Refinery operator, handeled thousands of ounces and poured hunderds of dor'e bars. (that was awesome) The last 23 yrs have been driving haul trucks, operating equipment and currently talking safety with our guys n gals. Believe me. . . I'm a late bloomer when it comes to finding Au for myself. I appreciate all that has been offered up on this and other fourms to make it happen. I have learned a lot. . . Thanks!!. . . Just wanted to put that out there cause I've never have been one to claim something that I'm not. Be safe out there, NvAuMiner - Doug

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Hey a new guy!!! Haha.

Gotta love that mining. You got about 20 years on me Doug but i love it. Its been good to the family. Here is your official welcome to a very cool group of people. 


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