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What do I do with a 200 pound gold piece


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I found a chunck of gold it looks like there are glass slivers in it they seem to be fluorescent under certain light. I have no money to have it assayed and blew up my vehicle, and every last penny I have is spent. Does anyone have anything helpful?

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If the pictures look good, people will be coming out of the woodwork to help you with 200 LBS of it.  That would be worth millions.  Imagine how much the vein it came from is worth.

You may be able to bring it to a pawn shop and if they do XRF analysis on jewelry, maybe they'll do that for free.

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17 minutes ago, jjbond said:

May I suggest you rent the movie "Nugget" online, it's an Australian movie that's quite funny and shows the pluses AND minuses of such a find. :D


I'll have to watch this one.

My favorite Aussie movie so far is " The God's Must Be Crazy". My second is "Babadook"

All these movies are free if you have the Android app " terrarium tv". It's an apk app and not available on Google Play.  Can't get it on Apple.

I suspect there's other movies from down under but don't know it.

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Well I would also think you could find a LOT of help locally, because if you have indeed found a piece of gold that weights 200 lbs it would be the biggest "nugget" found since the 1849 gold rush and it could be bigger than any of those as well and all of those big pieces were melted down back then so you would for sure have the biggest  "nugget" now and it would be worth 2 to 3 times spot price or more to a collector!!

Jen "Nugget" is a very funny movie, I have watched it numerous times!!

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