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My Primary Detecting Location..

Swampstomper Al

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Call me Mr. Duhhh if you will, since it just dawned on me that through the miracle of web cams I'm able to share with you desert ratz, your northern neighbors, those of you who live either in the hills or along the left coast and everyone else on the site scattered throughout the country and around the world, a portion of what I consider to be my home beach detecting area along the right coast in FL.. 


The cam you want is the 3rd one down under Central Florida: Cocoa Beach Pier..
Pier Full and Pier Zoom give a good view of the south side of the pier..
Beach North shows a stretch on the north side of the pier..
Shepard Park flicks south about a 1/2 mile.. When I talk the end of 520, this is where..

Cocoa Beach Pier North cam (2nd down) shows the pier as viewed from its north side..

This is pretty much the middle third of what I consider my "home beach detecting area.." The northern third runs from here up to Port Canaveral; the southern third runs from here to just south of Minutemen Cswy, the divider of N / S addresses in Cocoa Beach..

When I lived on the beach I was 4 blocks N & 1 1/2 blocks W of the pier.. Sweet..! But after nine years of leasing and finally establishing solid job security w/excellent bene's (Florida is notorious for wanting to pay workers in sunshine, acting as though that puts food on one's table) I figured I'd be miles ahead paying down my own mortgage instead of someone else's.. Only problem was is like everywhere else along a shore the price of ownership is stupid expensive, not to mention I had my fill of communal living in college.. For the same $$s as a tiny decades-old beachside "condo" I could get a nearly new house on a 1/4 acre, but I'd need to move slightly inland to make that happen.. 'T'was a no-brainer..

Twenty-four years later and, yeah, there are times I miss still living on the beach n being in the heart of or near all the local action, miss being two minutes away from balancing a detector n good to go -- and the twenty mile drive can be a real PITA.. (By coincidence this location is also the closest beach access to me..) But on the whole I'd say the peace-and-quiet of the sticks is the hands-down winner.. Plus with these cams I know if conditions justify taking a ride.. I can live with that..


PS: There's more cams on this site for locations all around FL..
Also, even though you can get a better overview of a larger specific area using Google Earth, that's still a snapshot.. These are right there, right now -- real time.. Shout loud enough if you see me in the frame and I may look up and wave.. :4chsmu1:

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5 hours ago, jjbond said:

Wow, super cool... thank you for sharing.. makes me miss when I lived on the Gold Coast of Queensland in Australia.

Nice..! Short of hitting the Lotto I'll never make it to Oz..

What's interesting along Cocoa Beach & Cape Canaveral right now are yesterday's and today's exceptionally high tides.. Due to the erosion during Irma two months ago these tides were able to get much closer to the dunes than during Hurricane Matthew last year.. With another week of higher-than-normal tides in the forecast I'm hoping for some interesting finds when we can finally get to the low tide near-shore concentrated drop-offs..


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