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Hello from Grand Junction, CO.  My friend, GJtransplant, told me about the upcoming outing, and I'm excited to visit him and you all.  He's got me signed up anyway!

Thanks for such a great forum,


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Welcome to the forum Pete, you'll have a great time at the outing, please check out all the several outing topics "Pinned" up towards the top in the Nugget Hunting forum section and be sure to enter into the Polls just in case so we know how many are coming, also all who are attenting will need a State Trust Lands Receational Permit to camp on state trust lands which is where the outing is being held, be sure GJtransplant has you covered for this permit or you need to obtain one, there's also a topic with a link to get the permit as well!

Nugget Hunting forum section link.


Have a great time here and at the the outing!!:thumbsupanim

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Thanks for the info.  I'll make sure I've been entered in the polls.  I printed out my parking/camping permit last night.

Will there be land nearby to try a bit of detecting?  I ask because I'm not part of any claim, club, or group at the moment.  There's not much for detectable nuggets around my parts here in Colorado.

I look forward to meeting everyone!

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