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There's so much that could be said about the current administration's actions today, but I'll let their own words speak for themselves.

I personally, am very grateful for Veterans past and present.  Their selfless actions have enabled me to disagree without fearing for my own wellbeing.  So far....

Thank you Veterans.


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While I was out today, 3 ATV riders, retired gents, stopped to talk to me and look at my ATV. While chatting, I noticed a hat on one of them and asked if he served, he said yes, I of course thanked him and the other who did for their service.

While there, one of them took out his air compressor to air up a tire that kept going flast.. afterwards he put some spit on the needle valve, he didn't have a cap for it and it was leaking, he had no cap and it was leaking enough to be a problem on the trail and didnt' know what to do.... I went to my truck and took off a cap and gave it to him.. he smiled and said .. thank you very much... I replied, do you really think sir, on veterens day that you need to thank me, I think one of my valve stem caps is a small price to pay to say thank you for your service, have a great day... he seemed really happy and it made my day. The three of them then motored on to Wickenburg (they drove down the entire way on their ATV's), great guys, all three.


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