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Possible meteorite

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Hi guys so I’m from South Africa, Well Cape Town specifically. So I decided to go meteorite hunting at a natural dam close to my house where I picked up a lot of tiny magnetic rocks. However the one in the picture I spotted by myself and then ran the magnet over it and it stuck. It is quite heavy as well. 

 The scratch test showed evidence of red streaks but very minimal. This is after scratching it quite hard. And I also sliced it for everyone to see. I hope it will be my first ever meteorrite and if not, we’ll im always keen on learning and trying to use my knowledge to better improve 







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Welcome to the forum.

I would have to say it's hematite since it has a red streak.


Hematite is often mistaken for meteorites since they are heavy, can stick to a magnet and can resemble them. 

The best places to look for meteorites are sand dunes, dry lakes and known localities where they've been found before.

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I'd have to agree...hematite or magnetite...Plus it looks to have a bit of silica in it too...Probably not a meteorite...Cheers, Unc


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