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Best book for meteorite classification purposes

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Which of these 2 books in your experience do you feel is the most comprehensive book to aid in meteorite classification. "A Color Atlas of Meteorites in Thin Section" or  "Atlas of Meteorites" thank you so much for your help in advance, they are both expensive books so your help much appreciated.

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I don't think you can classify meteorites from a book, many differences in meteorite types are only evident by examining empirical data resulting from lab analysis.

I do keep this image around, though, as it's interesting to see the differences between petrologic types of ordinary chondrites (and note that none of the data in the table below could be obtained without lab analysis):


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Thank you Mike,

   So I should clarify I don't want to classify but rather use good literature with of course quality photography in order for me to coherently identify different chondrule types viewing a thin section through a microscope perspective. So the same question still stands but after further review I'm leaning toward "A Color Atlas of Meteorites" but eventually will acquire the other as well. 

    My dream is to acquire enough wealth to purchase the proper equipment and build my dream basement into a laboratory in order to classify meteorites commercially because I love meteorites and there is a need for more scientist in this world to meet the classification demands. So I figure it is best to at least to get a start on it right?

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