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FS - NWA 8529 H-6 Chondrite Meteorite Slices & End Cuts

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NWA meteorites are classified specimens from North West Africa that are normally sold by nomadic desert people to meteorite dealers.
I recently acquired a 2.4 kilo H-6 whole specimen and processed it into a sphere rough for my collection and a variety of slices and end cuts that I am offering here and on other forums.
H-6 Meteorite this large are very rare so this is a great opportunity to add a large example of an H-6 to your collection.
This material is freshly cut and it is not polished in the first image.  I will polish specimens at the request of any interested buyer.
The last 2 images of the 72 gram end cut are polished to give you an idea of what these pieces can look like
I am asking $1 – $1.50 per gram plus shipping
The gram weight is shown in the second image
The top right and bottom left end cuts, and the 2 large center pentagon shaped slices fragmented during cutting and if you are interested in any of these they can be sold in the fragmented condition or I can repair them prior to polishing and that is acceptable to most collectors as long as it is disclosed.

If you are interested in any of the listed pieces send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com

Please include the following

Forum ID
Full Name
PayPal email
Good Description of the piece you are interested in (Example - NWA 8529 top right 117 gram and 90 gram end cuts)

NWA 8529 Cut Lot 001.jpg

NWA 8529 Cut Lot 002.jpg

NWA 8529 72 Gram End Cut 001.jpg

NWA 8529 72 Gram End Cut 002.jpg

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