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Looks like there's enough water there to run the Gold Cube without having to tote your own water down to the creek.  I don't see that much water here, except at a couple of club claims that have been beat to death.  I get excited when I see a spring around here, which really means if you dig in the sand maybe by the time you get to bedrock you'll see a puddle, of you may see some water flow across bedrock that is like a faucet dripping.

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Enjoy and good luck.

I've seen a picture of a solar set up on the old GPAA board a few years ago, but am wondering what that would take panel wise.  I think the guy was in texas and had several fold out panels.  I want to say my pump 1000 GPH pump is 8 amps.  If that is correct, it would take 56 watts to run at full output, and I'd feel comfortable running it on a 100 watt panel.  Those are just my quick calculations on the back of a napkin.  I've only lugged the gold cube to the creek once, and I took a battery.  I loaded everything in one trip, and it was quite heavy.  About a 30 minute walk.  Battery never lasted that long.

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The gas would be great if you could find a pump to work with a reduced flow of water.  Just not sure they make them small enough.  Gas works well for my small dry washer with a four cycle blower, because I only tote a litre oor two at a time.  That will give me enough gas to do a few dozen boxes sampling.  I'd like to see what you end up with.

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8 hours ago, chrisski said:

...I'd like to see what you end up with.

That makes two of us..

Beyond the quartz outcroppings up top that Jack mentioned we have no idea how populated the claim may be with crumbling surface & near-surface stringers -- not even thinking about below surface for the current exercise.. The bits he got 3' up the side may or may not be telling.. Plus whatever he ends up pulling from the stream bed will only be representative of the amount coming from small surrounding drainage area..

This sounds like a fun parcel to have under claim..


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Gwatt, thanks for the offer but I have my Gold Cube to set up and run. Water is fluctuating with the rain but I have two 35 gallon barrels to take down dry and fill from the stream to assist if needed. Still sampling.

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