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Got Out With the MXT again

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Got out for a short hunt again with my MXT, had a good hunt. Hunted close to the river in Bullhead City this morning, I like to hunt this place as it gets used by fishermen and some river walkers.

Well I did good , got 13 pennies , 2 dimes , 2 nickels and a quarter plus I found an all black ring. Non-magnetic , no markings......so far every time I go out with the MXT I find coins and goodies.

Now if I can get my GPX and the GM1000 to do the same   :ROFL:

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Rick ... I had that problem with that MXT also ... always seemed to find something worthwhile. Glad you're having a good time with it. As for the GPX and the Monster ... the outing will change that for you!

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Rick: That ring might be tungsten. Son in law has one.
Tom H.


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