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Gold King drywasher

Caliche Chris

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Hello, I haven't had time to do much prospecting lately. I sold my pack washer a year or two ago and just haven't been out anymore until the last couple moths. I came across a gold king drywasher a friend had, it looks similar to the 151 in size atleast, So I bought it. The packwasher is the only other machine I've used. It took me a couple weeks to get it dialed in and catching gold really well and I never felt like I was losing much or enough to be concerned about. Never found any thing of note when running my tailings twice so I always assumed it was running great. The gold buddy is no where near as smooth. I feel like it's just blowing gold out. The little packwasher would catch 95% of the gold in the first riffle. With This old gold buddy sometimes I see gold in the very last riffle. It doesn't shake as well and the blower tray doesn't fit properly so there is a bunch of gaps around the riffle and tray area where fine gold just runs right through the machine. Is there any way to order parts for these still? If not does anyone have any tips for making this thing run better? Figured I should ask before I start taking apart and "fixing" things on it. Also it uses a lot more fuel. My old drywasher was about 8 pounds, I could carry it and everything else I needed for a day in one trip, on foot. With this huge machine that requires extra effort in hauling and setting up, and uses more fuel I feel like efficiency is way more important . I was hoping to get better gold production by running more dirt but so far I'm regretting switching machines, so any tips would be great. Thanks

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23 hours ago, Hoser John said:

Not the same, but better designs. More PESCO style with offset elliptical throw for panning motion and adjustable also the like feeds too. John

Thanks John, that's another issue with mine. Doesn't seem to be any elliptical motion. Just violent shaking. I'll have to call and see if the parts will match up. 

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Go to the Jobe site and look at drywasher parts. See if yours has the adjustable offset like theirs(all that work correctly utilize this style as now industry standard)as just might be a bad adjustment. Early models and el cheapo non adjustable and just spaz out. John

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This thread needs an update. I finally got time to go over this machine a little better. I can see a few spots where the table is not sealing well enough just because some of the stripping on and around the edges is old and rough and needs replaced. Also looks like I need to give the fan apparatus a quick cleaning. I didn’t go over it well enough when I bought it before taking it out to use. I’m getting it all set up and will be running dirt through it soon. It’s a great machine, it looks like the issues I was having with it are just because I didn’t give it a tune up first. 

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