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Gold basin, Greaterville. and Arivaca goodies...


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Hey y'all, Worked all summer up in Washington state and was chompin the bit to get out prospecting so I made a detour to Gold Basin on my way home. I was so excited to be there before dark that I jumped out of the truck, grabbed the detector and pretty much ran out randomly through the Joshua trees there. I thought to myself whoa.. slow down there cowboy, could be gold anywhere here. So I slowed down.. walked a little further, stopped in a random place, turned on the machine and within about 2 minutes my first target was gold! After another few mins I dug one piece of trash, and then another little nugget... I thought wow, here we go! Well I spent the whole next day to find the two smallest pieces haha... After getting home to Tucson, I couldn't wait to get out again, so headed down to Greaterville, no gold but found this cool border patrol pin. After being responsible for a couple days, I blasted down to Arivaca. Spent the day like usual chasing micro pieces of rusty scrap, bird shot, and bullets...being so worn out I drove up to a worked over area I found gold in before and decided to turn off my prospecting mind and just grid an area for once. Managed to find the LAST nugget of that Patch! Pinky nail sized thick flake laying right on the surface.. Im so amazed at what gets missed and I almost walked right over it myself... Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying the fantastic weather now, look fwd to seeing everybody at the outing!





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Welcome Back !!

Nice nuggets...  Well done.  :thumbsupanim

Are you going to make the outing at LSD?   

I'm thinking I'd like to get down the Greaterville before the year ends.  I'll let you know if any plan develops....

Have a good one !


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Sick...I hate people like you......in a good way :)
WTG on the Gold! Nice stuff.

Stop by at the outing, we will be in the Sun City area on the other side of the road a little NW from where Bill parks.

Tom H.

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