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Am I wrong, or "wasn't this (at one time) a GOLD FORUM???

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47 minutes ago, chrisski said:

Luke--Did you dig that up recently and did you have to clean it?

Yes, I dug it up last month.  It came out of some red dirt, not far from where the video was made, that I posted recently.   I 'cleaned' it in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.  I find that 'cleaning' it in this manner doesn't change the character of the gold, it just helps to bubble the dirt out of the cracks and crevices.  This nugget was on a bench of sorts and was sitting on/in crumbly decaying bedrock.  There was quartz float mixed in with the dirt that was covering it.  The signal was intermittent to start, but once I dug down an inch or so, it became a consistent signal.

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There ya go Luke,...  Now I like that nugget!!!  Based on it's spongy, (porus) rough, texture, I'd say that the source is very close-to where you found it.  If you  would have found it in a wash, I would have said that maybe it would be time to dig out your pick, shovel, and pry bar and start working upstream from it moving boulders, and overburden to find it's brother, and any other relatives in a trend-line from the source.  Then again, it is quite possible that where you found it is the actual source???  ".....NICE ONE":yesss:  Gary    

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