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What kind of seashell is this?

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It's a lettered olive and it took me all of two minutes to find using google search. On top of that, I don't know squat about seashells. 

I suggest you try and do some research on your own before posting here. Besides, this is a rock and mineral forum.

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DANGER!! DANGER!! Will Robinson!  its not a rock, mineral or fossil.  :ROFL:  How have we come to this lowly state?!

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While this seashell is not a rock, or fossil (but it could be if old enough), Nuggetshooter forums has ALWAYS been a educational forum first and foremost, so I think an occasional seashell is OK to post a question about.

That being said, certain types of seashell critters actaully bore holes in rocks, so sorta rock related!!



There are also other sea critters that do the same.

Also a seashell is make up of minerals, so they are minerals, namely calcium carbonate, and as such a seashell in this forum section is not so far offbase after all!! 


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