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New Restrictions on EPA


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EPA Ends Welfare Payments to Environmental Wacko Groups

Under the Obama administration, wacko environmental groups were part of an underhanded scheme in which they were paid millions of taxpayer dollars and granted untold scores of regulatory concessions by a favorable EPA. The system worked beautifully. The Sierra Club, for instance, would sue the EPA for any number of reasons. The EPA, citing a need to save taxpayers' money and legal entanglement, would agree to settle the matter out of court. Then behind closed doors, the agency would grant settlement terms that would give away the farm to the Sierra Club both in terms of cash and regulations. And none of it was done with public scrutiny. But all that has come to an end this week. EPA administrator Scott Pruitt is hacking his way through the regulatory jungle getting rid of all the bureaucratic overgrowth and corruption. Pruitt issued an agency-wide decree this week formally ending the so-called "sue and settle" racket. Well done, Mr. Pruitt.



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44 minutes ago, clay said:

Pruitt didn't change anything but department policy. The Sue and Settle scheme was ended in 2009 by the Court with the mining case Minard Run v United States Forest Service.

I sure appreciate your injection of facts when it's necessary.  Thank you.


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