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I would be interested to see if this exists. 

The US Forests maintain websites that have a lot of metadata for electronic maps, but I'm not sure how many mines they contain.  AZ has 30,000 documented abandoned mines, and I don't know where good coords for all those are stored.  With the maps the USGS has put out since 2010, they have removed historical sites such as mines, shafts, prospects, and tailings piles.  I think its there way to keep people safe and protect the environment, or maybe just transcribing it to electronic format cost too much.

Closest I know of is MineDat, and those coords are by no means accurate.  If they get me within a couple of miles, I'm happy.

For Accuracy, the only thing I can tell you is PDF files of the 1:24k maps from the USGS webstore which are accurate enough to put a coord in a GPS and hike to.  That is not KML, but that is the best I know.

There's software available, like FootPrints, but that is only built for a few areas like the San Domingo Area by Wickenburg, maybe a couple hundred square miles.  That has electronic formats for mines.  You may live in one of the areas it is available for.

After hiking to many a mine in this area, I have come to a conclusion that all the mines, shafts, and prospects I've hiked to were closed for a reason.

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I used to have links for what you seek and a toturial on how to download/install them on my old computer but not on my latest, but I think the first link may have want you want but not sure, I haven't messed with Google Earth for some time now, the second link is for active mines.




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  One way I know is:

1.       Go to Search the Mineral Resources Data System , click on link, or go to https://mrdata.usgs.gov/mrds/find-mrds.php

2.    Select your state from the list provided

3.    Select 'gold' from the commodity list

4.    Select Operation Type dropdown, Surface, Underground, Placer, ect.

5.    Click on the 'search' button, The search will not show more than 10000 records. Enter only what

you know, leave the other fields blank.

At this point the search will occur and return a list of placer, Surface, or Underground Gold in the state. More importantly the screen will display a selection box that says, 'Choose Format'. Select Dropdown like google earth, and ‘Get Data’.



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