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For Sale - Bondoc B-4 Mesosiderite Meteorite End Cuts & Slices

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I recently acquired a 1553 gram Bondoc B-4 Mesosiderite Meteorite Whole Specimen to make a sphere rough for my collection
You can check that out in my thread at http://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/31171-my-collection/

Now that I have my rough I can sell off the pieces that were cut to make it
Mesosiderites are stoney irons and they are one of the rarest classifications to get.
This particular meteorite is very old with a lot of weathering so the iron nodules are pretty much gone but it’s still considered a mesosiderite.
Fresh slices with visible iron nodules sell for $10 –$15 per gram but due to the condition of this specimen I will offer it at $3 per gram.
If you are interested in a piece send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com with the following info
Nugget Shooters Forum ID
Full Name
PayPal email address
Item you want
Let me know if you want additional pictures
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I have this material listed for sale on another forum and one of their members took advantage of an opportunity to buy a set of slices cut from a single end cut of the Bondoc Mesosiderite
He bought the slices in column B because he thought it was neat that they were cut from a single section
I set up this image for him to show the shape of the end cut
Here they are ready to be packed up for shipping
He opted to do the final polishing so I look forward to seeing how he is going to display these
PS: I am selling the slices in column A and C for $1 per gram if bought as lots and I would go $200 for both if you want them
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