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Recommendations for a new coin/beach/relic machine

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Hey all you coin /beach/relic guys i'm looking for an all around machine, for under $1000.......can you help me out,

I could really use some suggestions, with reasons why they might be a good choice, I'll be going back to the Philippines soon, and looking for something to keep me occupied.

thanks, tom

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My opinion on detectors that you can get right now....I kind of like my Whites MXT, great for coins , lots of different coils for it too.

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If you are hunting SALTwater beaches, you'll need a multi-frequency VLF, or a Pulse Induction machine. My advice - to keep it to $1,000.00 -  is to get TWO machines. First, for in the wet saltwater sand and in the saltwater, a Tesoro SAND Shark (PI) $600.00, and second, any single-freq VLF for the dry sand and dirt, like a Tesoro Vaquero, or Minelab X-Terra 505. :thumbsupanim

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The Philippines am a big place.. It'll help to know if you are primarily gonna be beeping in those mountainous areas where Au can be found, in populated areas for coins and etc. or on the beaches..

It does make a difference.. Compromises need to be made.. You have a few choices, the best of which isn't available quite yet -- which should tell you the one I would go with..

Short of that and you need something right now I suppose I'd go with the Garrett AT Max if available or the AT Pro with their new head phones if not (or their wireless if adaptable to the PRO..) Good compromise for the versatility you desire..


EDIT: If you are going to be primarily on beaches, Terry has a good option..
But if you can either wait for and get it there or pre-order-and-ship an Equinox, that's the way I'd really go..

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I know this is very late but that Equinox 800 is the way to go Tom. I ended up recently purchasing a xp deus but it's waiting for me up in Michigan. I'll be seeing if it will pull  anything up from my known old copper stomping grounds. On all the reviews everyone is giving it a giant thumbs up.   You probably already got something since this was 18 months ago.. 

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