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First time out with GPX 4500


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Well zi got to GB about day break again, wonderful full moon . Got the GPX out , followed the quick start info....started hunting.

I hunted an area I had hunted with the GM 1000 . Well I found some brass from bullet heads, I found wire , I found a little bitty piece of lead (about 3 inches down ).

Finding this stuff makes me think I am in the ball park on setting up the GPX, got to remember this is my first time with a PI machine.........

I will be hunting more , I know I will get over gold.

Oh yeah used the 11" mono coil .

Most cool thing today was I got to visit with Rodger D , he was camped out there so  I stopped and said hello.

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That 11" mono is a great coil.  It will go deep and is still sensitive to small pieces.  I have made most of my finds with the GPX using that coil.  I prefer it, over the 14x9 EVO. JMHO.


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