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Took the plunge


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By going down to Morristown last Friday and picking up a brand new GM1000 from some guy we might know :89:

I have had doubts about this machine, but I have been using a borrowed GB2 for years now and thought it was high time to get a new beeper and return the GB2. I had to sell my dirtbike to get it but after reading a bunch about it and watching plenty of videos, then Bill giving good feedback, I decided to go for it instead of buying my own GB2.

So Saturday I spent a couple hours playing with test nuggets in some gravels I have brought home and got used to the new monster. I was pleasantly surprised, but still unsure.

Yesterday I loaded up and went back to a patch I have just absolutely beat to death many times with the GB2 and have given up on it producing anymore. This would be a great test, heres the results with the monster...

Small but still yellow, three pieces of gold and a couple bb's.


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When you take a new machine to an 'old' spot and it produces some yellow....  That's the ultimate confidence booster.  :thumbsupanim

I see more gold in your future.  Congrats !!


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Nice Shay! I knew you were going to like it :)

And..you got some yellow :4chsmu1:

Tom H.



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35 minutes ago, Bill Southern said:

Thank you Shay for your business, glad you are happy with it and man you found some little ones and smaller than the ones I showed you I think.

Hey thanks again Bill for letting me show up so late and the quick lesson, definitely helped out as you can see. These are probably half the size or smaller of the nugs you showed me that day. These gave no reading on the ferrous/non-ferrous bar, it didnt move either way, I could just hear them. I think this machine has serious possibility's. 

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