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My DIY Miller Table


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Put this together the other day. Use a Rubbermaid laminated shelf for the base and 1"x4"'s for the rest. Installed an e-bay chalkboard on base and left enough room above it for the water to smooth out after leaving the header box. I am using a 400 gph bilge pump to run it. I have a 1/2" ball valve installed in line on the pump water line. The thing works fantastic for recovering even micro gold. I put a hole in the top edge of the chalkboard and base and have a gold vile i screw in to it to brush the finished product in to so i wind up with nice clean gold in the vile.




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Hey Rebel ..... great job.  I build most of my own prospecting tools and the miller table gets lots of use!  I always save my black sand concentrates for the table.  I'm sure building this will give you hours of fun and satisfaction!  Congrats!

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On 10/2/2017 at 8:09 PM, homefire said:

No slits?   Does it just migrate the gold to the top I guess ?

Not exactly.. That's what the brush is for..

You recirculate a thin sheet of water, slow-moving, evenly spread across with a slightly more-than-typical amount of Jet Dry in it.. Then you take your black-sand cons and spoon out a line of it across the chalkboard near the top.. The water floats away the black sands while the Au stays put for the most part.. Some gold will squiggle downward too sometimes, so you either snuffer it up or like with this setup brush it back towards the top.. Repeat, repeat repeat..

Eventually you have a nice line / collection of gold, at which point you brush it into the hole and you end up with a vial of clean Au in H2O.. You're either finished or continue to run more cons.. Works well when you get down to the smaller gold not wanting to easily come out of the black sands..

I have a Black Magic, which is basically the same thing with matting instead of chalkboard.. If you have material laying around, a spare pump and tools at the handy you can put together a home-built miller table for a lot fewer $$s though..


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