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Fix For The Gold Monster 1000

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I think I said something about what the Tech said about the Ground Balance being off. Now looking at the GM it's no way of knowing this unless you got a port and that has got to be where the coil hooks up. If a change was made in the programming to correct my problem we'll never know it. The Tech just wave his hand over it and the sea parted.

Giving me another coil was what you call a miss direction. I'm giving you a new coil but I'm over here fixing your trouble. If true I wish they just tell it like it is and don't blow smoke up my ( because I can't see good when they do that ).


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Sharing the issue found and fix if internal with the public is also sharing the technology  and don't hold your breath. Heck we are pioneers of a sort with this fantastic technology being introduced and as with all things new produced in large numbers there will be a dud now and then. Minelab fixes their duds and though inconvenient for the owner they get you taken care of, part of the reason we stay with them....

And to give credit where due, most of the other major metal detector manufactures experience the same type issues and are known to for their great customer care and a quick fix as well. It is simply how a company keeps customers, stay ahead and quickly repair or replace defective units.

Still no fun being one of the unlucky  ones and glad your issue is fixed, I agree with Mike C. that at home EMI was likely your issue especially in deep mode.


Heck every restaurant over cooks a steak now and then and what matters is how fast you get a new one. :ROFL::old:

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