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Rock found while hunting with GM1000

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This is a black crystal type rock I found while "walking" around with my Monster.

Looking thru a 40 power lighted glass I can see little green crystals


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I just picked it up  , it caught my eye.   It has some itty bitty green crystals that can be seen with my lighted Mini magnifier 40 power.

They all most look peridot but I ain't sure

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Olivine, that's the name of the stuff I could not remember...might be it.

Going to look for more when I am at GB again.

I found that by eyeball not with the Monster by the way.

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Looks like Magnetite to me.  Take a magnet and see if the magnet attaches to the sample.  If it does, most likely Magnetite.   It does not rule out an iron meteor, but that need lab work to determine and this sample does not look like other iron meteor samples that I have seen.

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My uneducated guess was an iron ore, as well.   Have you done a streak test?  Hematite can come in some strange forms as well.  If it doesn't streak red, it would rule out hematite.

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7 hours ago, Papo said:

I found also this stone awhile ago while hiking.
















Papo first and foremost welcome to the forum!

BUT, you need to start your own topic/posts for your finds, instead of posting them in other member's topics!!

This called high jacking a topic for your use and it's not fair to the other member/s who is trying to get help with their finds and or show them to others! 

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12 hours ago, Mike C... said:

My gold basins and my fancinia both leave streaks-are they suppose to :idunno:Mike C...:200:

I assume you are referring to meteorites. If they are in fact....meteorites, what streak you are seeing is not a true streak. If you getting a true streak, then what you have are not meteorites.

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Well the "metallic" color left on the sample by the " fancinia" (don't know what that is) means the sample is harder.  I'm wondering if this sample is black because of "Desert Varnish".  I read that over in the desert of southern California in the 1800s, there were large gold nuggets scattered about on the desert floor but no one payed attention to theme because they were coated black by "Desert Varnish".  Maybe if you take a rotary tool with a small wire brush, you can brush off a small corner to see if the black comes off.

The white rock in the last series of images is a piece of milky quartz with some iron staining and Muscovite mica on it.

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Then again, it might me just a weathered piece of Basalt.  That would also account for the green crystals (possibility Olivine) seen in the  sample.

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