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Second Hand Gold ... Found Again

Mike Furness

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So Bill  and I are doing a lesson with Gregg this past Weekend. Gregg bought a new GM 1000 and was coming over from CA for an early morning lesson in the LSD area. Gregg is catching on real fast when Bill decides he needs to show Gregg what a very tiny piece of gold sounds like under an inch or so of hot ground! So Bill takes his little gold bottle out of his pouch and dumps out the treasurers to show off and picks one of the nuggets to 'plant' (said in a good way as Gregg could see exactly where the nugget was placed!). Bill put the remaining nuggets back in the bottle and sets it off to the side.You have to understand we were all down on our knees at this point for the 'demo'! So Bill has the nugget in the ground and waves the coil over it ... clear and loud the signal sounds out ... now it's time to recover it ... a little shallow scratch here ... a swing across the hole ... still there ... scratch again ... still there ... no signal its in the pile. A very small sample into the scoop and there it is ... now back into the bottle it goes! OOOPS! Where did the bottle go ... I have the bottle cap right here ... OOOH! There it is over there ...ON IT'S SIDE AND EMPTY! Four little nuggets are somewhere out free again! A slight panic in Bill's voice when he says to Gregg half joking and maybe a bit seriously ... Well Gregg here is where your lesson begins ... you need to find the four nuggets! Well after a fashion all four were reunited to the bottle and all was well again. Just goes to show how far an instructor will go to make a point and teach his student how to find gold! As an observer of the whole process is was just plain funny to watch! Hope you got a good laugh out of the story. As for Bill ... I think he will take 'better' care of his nugget bottle! Oh ... and did I tell you that before all this happened we left the shop with Bill and Gregg in the lead in Bill's Yamaha side by side and Max and me in my RZR pulling up the rear. Well we didn't get but a few hundred yards from the shop when taking a right hand turn Bill's detector bag with nugget bottle(yes the same one mentioned above) and GM 1000 battery inside rolled out of the buggy onto the road. So I picked it up! Little further down the road a flannel shirt flew off and landed in the road! I picked that up. Bill is oblivious to both incidents. So we arrive at the first site and he goes to get his bag ... I could see a little concern in his facial expression as he doesn't see the bag ... I said nothing(bad boy Mike!) ... he looks all over the Yamaha ... no bag ... so finally I say "Are you looking for this?" and  "I also picked up your shirt that blew out!" Relief from Bill when he saw that both the nugget bottle and the battery were still in the bag! I guess that was the indication of what was to follow with the tipped over nugget bottle! Sorry Bill ... Had to add that! :ROFL:

And Gregg if you read this ... good meeting you and thank you for your business! We appreciate it. I know you will do well with the 'Monster'!

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Thats funny! :)Thanks for snitching Mike. 

I lost a scoop at LSD one year and found it at the next outing! Cant believe no one was up that wash in a year. Had a screwdriver/pick returned by HEYBEERMAN at the outing also. I can loose my way to the bathroom! :)
Dont feel bad Bill.

Tom H.


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22 minutes ago, fredmason said:

ha,ha Bill you lost a bottle in Gold Basin, did it ever come back...and I won't mention the pint of gold you ....

fun times!


Never found that one Fred and found all but 3 of the ones in the baby food jar..... :arrowheadsmiley:

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Details ... Details ... Sorry Bill just couldn't resist! :evil1: Story that had to be told because it was a funny situation and could have or has already happened to all of us! ... Even the Legend that is Bill Southern! And more than once I am finding out! :ROFL:

Yes I did omit that fact that Bill did score a little crumb that day ... Gregg and I got skunked! Now you have the "rest of the story!"

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15 minutes ago, Bill Southern said:

Well thanks for that Mike :ROFL: I do indeed remember now wasn't there 3 in that bottle when we went over that ridge through all the scrub oak ? 

Catch and release, wonder if anyone found those :89:

That be the place and I think 3 for release is correct as well :ROFL: Mike C...:200:

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Bill, I have heard of catch and release in fishing, but never for nugget hunting, must be the sportman in you!

I found an almost 3 gram sunbaker nugget in North Carolina which was a unheard of size where it was found, mostly fines and a few small pickers had ever been found there so it was a rare find and I got it all the way home and had it sitting on my desk after looking at it some more and forgot to put it back in the vial, the next day my sister in law came over to visit while I was at work and helped my wife do some house cleaning, my wife failed to mentioned to her that NO ONE cleans Skip's desk, well when I got home the nugget was nowhere to be found and my desk looked perfectly clean and rearranged, the sister in law said she heard something hit the floor when she was dusting but found nothing on the floor but a little rock and she tossed it in the trash :yikes:, and when she left she helped my wife even further by taking all the trash bags to the dumpster down the road!!! :2mo5pow:

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8 hours ago, Bill Southern said:

You said you were not gonna snitch :nono: You also neglected to mention I came with 4 and left with 5 :inocent: 

No fair, Bill.  Your gold makes babies!!  that is some special gold.  That is, when you aren't playing catch and release.  :laught16:


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