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SDC 2300

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Just how well does the SDC 2300 work for meteorites.

I tried my GM 1000 but it seemed every rock sounded off . Not saying I was doing it right.

Even with the new machine that Minelab just come out with , I still think I would want a PI in my tools.

Opinions please.    :idunno:

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Hi Rick,

  The sdc 2300 at Gold Basin does not sound off to good as most of the meteorites are a L4 in classification. But the sdc 2300 does excellent at Franconia, as that is classified as a H5. You can get a nice Minelab GPX for around the same price as a sdc 2300, and it does excellent at Gold Basin, and goes deeper than the sdc 2300....


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Might have to take the MXT to GB then.

As far as a PI  , I think I would like a 2300 for it's ease of running , not terrible hooked on the idea of digger VW traps looking for gold. :ROFL:

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