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OK, now that guy is SERIOUS!

Nice rig :)
Tom H.


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On 9/12/2017 at 8:52 PM, Au Seeker said:

Well now we know why Al can't find much of anything on the Florida beaches!!

LOL, Skip..

Funny thing is I actually bumped into this guy over at Kellyco a few days ago, after having first met him & his wife two or three (or more?) years ago while they were standing on the crossover at Bonsteel Park checking out beach conditions.. Pure total coincidence both times for sure.. The Bonsteel thing was Nora & I were on our way back home from Wabasso and I deceided to take the super-slow way to Melbourne by heading up A1A in order to check out treasure beach locations I normally don't detect rather than heading out to I-95 as usual cos it is like 90 miles one way and doing A1A then fighting my way crosstown @ Melb instead of @ Wabasso's out-in-the-country road nearly doubles the trip time.. What also adds to that coincidental meeting is if there's one beach along the entire stretch between Port Canaveral -- Ft. Pierce he couldn't use that rig it would be at the Bonsteel Park / Chuck's Steak House spot locally known as Half-rial Beach because the sand there is super soft & fluffy.. He's a fisherman too though, and that location has a pretty regular group of anglers -- so who knows..?

Anyhow, that's where / when I first heard about this contraption, of which I didn't know what or how much to believe about it at the time, and didn't have it pictured as being an electric bicycle setup either..

A few days ago, it must have been Monday because Sunday AM was when I finally got all the hurricane stuff squared away so was able to make it over to the beach Sunday PM to check things out & detect for the first time following normallus interruptus, whereupon shortly following commencement of detectoris backnforthus the arm cuff for the AT PRO discombuborated.. GAH..!! So Monday saw me n N taking a ride over to Kellyco to pick up a replacement (which they don't stock BTW so hadda call Garrett n they've shipped one no probs..) Who do we run into while there but this fellow Jim, and this time he has pictures..

I find it kinda humorous y'all've seen this thing before me.. It's definitely for real.. He can't, or doesn't I should say, use it all the time.. It's a very early AM low tide trick bag for him in order to not bother others.. He'll ride 2 or 3 miles. When he gets a hit he plunges the hoe underneath into the sand and keeps on going.. Then he turns around and on his way back digs his marks after pinpointing..

Pretty kewl.. Bit of a one-trick-pony, although if I understand him correctly this wasn't its original intention.. I'm of the impression it was designed to be used at an out-of-country location in a manner similar to "the blanket;" it was meant to detect gold..

Ok -- back to your regularly scheduled lives with y'all now, ya heah.. :4chsmu1:


EDIT: PS -- Bill, I think he said he was using a 2100.. Don't quote me on that though..

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