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I went out last night nugget hunting and got a .08g nugget with the Zed 19.  After it was daylight I went to the dry lake and looked for meteorites.  I've only found one on this lake and it was about 3g.  This one was sitting up nice and pretty and I could see it at a considerable distance.  It is 13g, all fusion and has a wonderful patina on the entire piece.   I'll have to compare it with the other finds on the lake which have been many.





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Nice space rock! :yesss:

Tom H.


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Hi, Mitchel, nice CyDl find!  However, to me it looks like a typical weathered fragment from the location with no fusion crust.  Nice find, tho, congrats!

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You would know better.  It was found not far from the spring area so I guess over the years it has been above and below the water many thousands of times.


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Made a quick pit-stop at Coyote on my way out to a group hunt in Arizona.  I skunked in AZ, but found a little 2.3g chondrite at Coyote.


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It was almost dark by the time I got there so I was just poking everything with my magnet and this one hopped on.  During they day you can pick them out by eye.

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